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Diamond Blade (B)


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This is a carving machine with all terrain capabilities. Unique shape and profile merging the best design elements from a boardercross board with a freeride board. It combines the stability and edge hold of a much bigger board on hardpack with the handling of a short one, due to a very long effective edge for its size mixed with early rise tips. All Fullbag snowsurfs rip groomers, but the Blade is THE stick to out carve everyone on the mountain. Take it racing on the boardercross or banked slalom course, carving on the perfect morning groomers, or slashing around the whole mountain. With the slight taper and setback, it will even work on the occasional powder day without a problem. Get ready for the thrill of speed and layed down carves!

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Size: 163 cm

Effective edge: 137.5 cm

Contact length: 114.5 cm

Nose length: 14.5 cm

Tail length: 11 cm

Nose width: 32.1 cm

Waist width: 26.5 cm

Tail width: 31 cm

Sidecut: 8.8 m

Taper: 11 mm

Width at front inserts: 27.4 cm

Width at rear inserts: 27.3 cm

Ref. stance: 54 cm

Stance range: 50cm - 58 cm

Setback: 2.5 cm

Flex description: medium stiff