From a small town in eastern Quebec, Mig and his friends started skateboarding in 1975. They immediately got hooked and were deeply into it from the start. They spent their days reading skateboard mags, making homemade boards, building and skating sketchy ramps, and organizing the first contests in the area. Basically, their lives evolved around skateboarding.

In 1979, after reading articles about snowboarding in ski and skateboard mags, they started chasing powder covered hills to shred with an old Snurfer modified with homemade aluminium skyhooks. Feeling the turn had become their journey. After being rejected many times at their local ski hill over the next few years, they managed to get another one close by to accept snowboarding on their lifts in 1983. That small hill called Val d’Irène (Valdi) still operates to this day with 100% natural snow only. That terrain and those conditions were a major influence on their crew.

Mig hiking with his Powdergun circa 1983, during the filming of a short snowboard TV interlude for the french CBC. Pic by Paul Dionne.
Starting in 1989, travelling to snowboard contests all over the province became part of the routine for the next few seasons. Back then, competing in all forms of snowboarding was the norm so they had to learn to race gates. And that’s where the carving bug was caught. Mig always had interest and curiosity for what makes a good snowboard work. He spent time analyzing specs and trying as many boards as possible. Through the following years, after moving to Quebec city, Mig worked with a couple of manufacturers to help design shapes and test boards.
Cool video from our good friend Boris, featuring the crew of Matane in 1989.
In the spring of 2007, Mig and his friend Yans presented the five first Fullbag skateboard models, designed to carve the slalom courses and bomb the hills. That first year, they brought into the team the young Louis Ricard because of his style and dedication to skating. Louis started racing in major slalom events worldwide and became the World Hybrid Slalom champion in 2011. Patrick Switzer also joined the team and became one of the very best downhill skaters the scene had ever seen with several World Cup podiums and championship titles. With a great reputation for incredibly good construction quality and functional innovative shapes and features (slalom spoontail, 3D wheelwells/flares), many other fullbagers pushed themselves to be up front at the finish line, while having the most fun on the hill.

Patrick Switzer on his Fullbag Elise, making the cover of Concrete Wave Magazine while sweeping the podiums around the world.

In 2012, the time was right for Fullbag to get into the snowboard world. With 33 years of snowboarding experience back then, and as much passion for it as on his first day on a board, Mig knew exactly what he wanted. He designed fully functional powder shapes that could still be carved like race boards on the groomers. With Mig behind the bar and a quality product made in Quebec Canada, Fullbag aimed to reach the soulful snowsurfer with a passion for carving turns, whether it would be on powder and groomers. and collected nothing but good words from all riders who gave the boards a try.

We are now putting the same passion into offering high quality performance boards, as we do riding our skateboards and snowboards since the very first days. All our shapes are designed with a flow riding style in mind. We produce low quantities as the demand goes to respect the environment at our best, and assure quality from one year to the other. We hope our boards will redefine your world by inspiring you new lines. We will happily take the time to guide you towards the shape best suited to your needs so you can feel the turn.

We are proud to support local manufacturing. All boards are made in the province of Quebec, in Canada, by passionate skateboarders and snowboarders. Fair price and quality product !