Fullbag Blunt Diamond shape






 Powder slasher for the steep, deep and tight terrain that will rip the groomers on your way to the pow stashes and back to the lifts. You can take out the Blunt Diamond in every condition, everywhere and you will not be disappointed. That board turns so quick, and with such surprising edge hold for its shape, that it will make you take lines that your friends won’t even see or consider. It rips on all trails and is fantastic for powder tree riding. Go for the Blunt! It’s definitely a pow board that can carve.






Blunt Diamond profil


Micro camber profile with slight early rise to fit length, shape and function for maximum performance on powder and groomers.



Nose Fullbag Blunt Diamond

 Long blunted low rise nose to maximize surface area in powder. The elongated nose blends at the contact points maximize edge hold and make for smooth turn initiation.


Tail Fullag Blunt Diamond


Short diamond tail for minimum surface area in powder and quick handling.




Fullbag Blunt Diamond specs

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