Fullbag Hammerhead shape




 Big stable gun with maximum float and stability, yet amazing on groomers. The Hammerhead turns surprisingly tight for his length. For the riders with the ability and energy, it’s a carving machine at low and high speeds. Jump on the train that will bring you down the hill at the fastest speeds you will ever go. Powder day? You will find it very hard to sink that nose and you will slash more snow at higher speeds than anyone on the mountain! It is the Blunt Diamond’s big brother and can carve more aggressively than the Lifer. It’s definitely a pow board that can carve.







Hammerhead profil

Medium camber profile with slight early rise adapted to fit length, shape and function for maximum performance on powder and groomers.


Fullbag Hemmerhead




Fullbag Hammerhead nose


Long blunted low rise nose to maximize surface area in powder. The elongated nose blends at the contact points maximize edge hold and make for smooth turn initiation.


Fullbag Hammerhead tail

Medium swallowtail for minimum surface area in powder and controlled edge release exiting turns.





Fullbag Hammerhead specs

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