Fullbag Lifer Shape





Combines an old school swallowtail shape with modern geometry and construction for exceptional carvability on hardpack and float on powder. It’s the board for smooth but fast snowsurfing, from pulling bottom turns to slashing off the lips. The nose and tail are very well balanced and complement each other. The flat camber profile matched with the low rise nose rocker makes for a fast accelerating board with great float. This also makes it feel much shorter than it is, with smooth transitions from one carve to the other. It is a slasher beast in mid-open areas and a joy to surf on the slopes. It’s definitely a pow board that can carve.







 Flat camber profile with longer nose and tail rocker adapted to fit length, shape and function for maximum performance on powder and groomers.







Long pointy low rise nose to maximize surface area while maintaining a low swing weight.



Medium swallowtail and taper to minimize surface area for better floatation in powder, and controlled edge release while exiting turns. Contact points are located higher and farther up the tail to increase edge hold and effective edge during high board angle carving.




Fullbag Lifer specs


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